Auraria Library chooses Bibliotheca hybrid RFID system

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Auraria Library will be outfitting its tri-institutional campus library with Bibliotheca dual-aisle hybrid gates as well as hybrid self-check stations.

BiblioHybrid solutions, with BiblioChip RFID technology, work seamlessly with libraries’ current electromagnetic (EM) barcode and RFID systems. This is said to make the transition to RFID as easy and affordable as possible, while integrating tightly with ILS systems to enhance efficiency for library staff.

The library serves three academic institutions in Denver – the University of Colorado Denver, the Metropolitan State College of Denver and the Community College of Denver. Installation of the new systems is scheduled for the third quarter of 2010.

Mary M. Somerville, university librarian/director of Auraria Library believes that investing in RFID technology for the academic library is important: 'We continuously strive to improve customer service for students, faculty, and staff. Our academic community members aspire to independence in conducting research. In the digital realm, this requires searching successfully for e-resources in licensed databases. When using print collections, they expect self check-out options. We, in turn, want superior inventory and security for library materials.'