Arkivum to take part in Jisc data pilot

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Arkivum, a provider of long-term data safeguarding solutions, is to take part in Jisc’s Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) pilot for UK higher education institutions.

The shared service for depositing and curating research data is designed to provide efficiencies and interoperability benefits for research institutions, while also meeting their policy requirements. Arkivum, in partnership with Jisc (and other organisations involved with the RDSS), will focus on providing the digital preservation elements of the service. 

Arkivum’s solution incorporates technology elements from Artefactual, the lead developer of the open-source Archivematica digital preservation tool. The system will provide long-term accessibility and usability of data in academic research and elsewhere. The end-to-end security and data integrity requirements are taken care of by design.

Arkivum CTO, Dr. Matthew Addis, said: 'Arkivum is very excited to be part of this collaborative effort with Jisc. We have worked closely with the UK Higher Education community for over five years on long-term data archiving of research datasets. Our work with Artefactual to provide open-source digital preservation technology within the Jisc RDSS platform will now enable institutions to make sure their datasets are more than just safely stored, and will remain accessible and usable well into the future.'

'Arkivum will play a crucial part in our collaborative approach to creating the Research Data Shared Service framework,' added John Kaye, senior co-design manager at Jisc. 'Arkivum are part the fabric of UK Universities’ digital preservation landscape, and have the experience necessary to understand what features and performance higher education institutions truly require so we’re really pleased to be announcing this collaboration.'

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