Aries Systems and Ripeta 'increase the quality of research reporting'

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Aries Systems Corporation, a leading technology workflow solutions provider for the scholarly publishing community, and Ripeta, a part of Digital Science, are pleased to announce their partnership to enhance the quality of scientific research prior to publication.

This partnership will make publishing better science easier for publishers and editors worldwide.

Automated quality reporting throughout the submission workflow helps publishers determine the accuracy of research at a faster pace. To support this, Aries Systems and Ripeta have partnered to integrate ripetaReview, an automated quality check platform, with Editorial Manager® (EM), the leading manuscript submission and peer review tracking system. This collaboration offers publishers the opportunity to automate and scale the assessment of manuscripts for quality research, professionalism, and reproducibility directly within Editorial Manager.

This integration enables the automatic evaluation of a manuscript to determine whether it meets the requirements of open science and professionalism. A report from ripetaReview containing critical feedback can be accessed within EM by editorial staff, which allows the journal to ask researchers to address any reporting gaps prior to taking the manuscript forward in the peer review process. Publishers have the option to provide Authors and Editors information regarding the quality of their manuscript to help streamline the submission process and support integrity and trustworthiness of research. 

'Aries is committed to providing EM/PM users with valuable solutions to enhance their workflow and the quality of research output through strategic partnerships,' states Aries Managing Director Jennifer Fleet. 'We are thrilled to collaborate with Ripeta to offer an additional tool within the Aries Ecosystem designed to make it easier for publishers and their Authors to produce high-quality, credible research results.'

'Integrating scientific reporting quality checks into the manuscript submission process is a critical first step in supporting good science and increasing trust in research,' says Ripeta CEO, Leslie McIntosh, PhD. 'This is why we're so pleased to be partnering with Aries to ensure a long list of publishers are now able to efficiently and effectively scale what used to be time-consuming editorial checks.'