Alliance urges Google Books investigation

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The US Special Libraries Association (SLA) has joined a newly formed Open Books Alliance that seeks to resolve copyright, access, anti-trust and privacy issues associated with the Google Books Settlement.

The new alliance brings together non-profit organisations, library groups and other corporations and consumer groups, to call for a detailed investigation by the US Department of Justice into the Google Books Settlement.

'A completely electronic, searchable, and universally accessible repository of digital books has the potential to bring untold value and knowledge to individuals, organizations and libraries, making more information available to more people around the globe,' said SLA's chief executive officer, Janice Lachance. 'SLA looks forward to that day. In the meantime, we are joining this effort because we believe the US Department of Justice must look into the full ramifications of this settlement on issues of copyright, access, affordability and privacy.'

'Our goal is to ensure that any mass book digitisation and distribution system addresses those extremely important issues, and that access to such valuable information remains open and competitive,' she added.

The alliance anticipates an official launch in the coming weeks.