AIP Publishing joins Kudos as final pilot partner

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Kudos, a service aimed to help authors and institutions maximise the visibility of their publications, has announced AIP Publishing as its third and final partner for its pilot phase of research and development.

AIP Publishing (AIP) joins the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Taylor & Francis (T&F) in supporting Kudos’ exploration of tools and services to increase discoverability and facilitate filtering of research articles.

'We’re pleased to have secured the final partner place for this exciting project,' said John Linton, marketing director for AIP Publishing. 'It’s a key strategic goal for us to build closer relations with our authors and help increase the exposure and usefulness of their published work. We see Kudos as a good fit with our own initiatives and look forward to discovering how we can work ever more collaboratively with the research community to maximise the potential of the articles that we publish.'

'We’re delighted to welcome AIP Publishing into the Kudos pilot, not least because they will reinforce the breadth of content across which we can test the impact of our proposed service,' added Charlie Rapple, associate director of TBI Communications, who co-founded Kudos with fellow consultants David Sommer and Melinda Kenneway.

'We’ll be looking at traditional measures, such as downloads and citations, but also emerging metrics such as social shares and blog coverage. Having been working with RSC and T&F for several weeks now, we have a prototype system ready and are looking forward to putting our ideas into action.'

The results of the pilot programme will be published later in the year, at which point Kudos will move into a beta phase of development. Kudos is currently seeking partners for this beta phase.