AIP Publishing and 67 Bricks announce new partnership agreement

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AIP Publishing (AIPP) and 67 Bricks are pleased to announce their partnership to engage in a series of data-driven experiments around best practices in the field of scholarly publishing. These experiments are grounded in data exploration and will tackle an array of subject areas, from operational improvements to customer experience enhancements to potential new product development. 


With the shared mission of progressing AIPP’s strategies, using innovative technology and data-driven thinking, 67 Bricks and AIPP aim to build advanced data skills and agility within AIPP’s teams. AIPP will be leveraging 67 Bricks’ expertise and experience in software and internal culture development to accelerate their digital transformation. 


'We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious society publisher in such a flexible and engaging partnership,' said 67 Bricks Managing Director Jennifer Schivas. 'The opportunity to redefine best practices in scholarly publishing by looking at the intersection between technology and culture is at the heart of 67 Bricks’ mission, and we are excited to do so with AIP Publishing.'


'Questions and exploration are at the heart of progress and innovation,' said Ann Michael, Chief Transformation Officer at AIP Publishing. 'We are thrilled to engage with 67 Bricks, an organisation known for its transformative impact within publishers, to help us accelerate our strategic objectives. We are leveraging 67 Bricks to advance our skills to generate questions from our data, explore those questions, and formulate experiments and prototypes to test new ideas.'