AIP and Collexis join forces to exploit search and discovery software

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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and US-based Collexis, a developer of semantic search and knowledge discovery software, have teamed up to supply software to the physics market.

"As we embrace Web 2.0 functionality, we are also looking to a future that will most definitely rely on semantic publishing," said John Haynes, AIP's vice president of publishing. "Through our partnership with Collexis, we're ready to aggressively explore all opportunities presented by the semantic web. Look for product announcements flowing out of this partnership in the very near future."

"This unique partnership between AIP and Collexis will allow us to showcase our proprietary Fingerprinting technology to the physics community," states Bill Kirkland, chief executive of Collexis. "Further it validates that the STM market place is beginning to understand and embrace the benefits and efficiencies of the semantic technology. This partnership will encourage other AIP-affiliated publishers to explore these same knowledge discovery tools."