AGOSR offers new open access platform

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AGOSR is an alliance of publishers, libraries, institutions, open access funders, and service providers that is committed to the growth of a diverse and equal community dedicated to the development and sharing of open research all over the world. AGOSR serves as a global aggregator through its robust open access repository of quality resources and community-driven discovery services. It is the commitment of AGOSR to offer a space where all stakeholders can contribute their thoughts on the open access movement and aggregate their open resources without fear of being discriminated against or undergoing biased acceptance policies that lack transparency and guidance.

AGOSR seeks to create a collaborative environment that supports all communities and researchers, especially those that are marginalised, by helping them to find their space and their voice in the open access ecosystem. Melissa Wagner, Vice President of Editorial for IGI Global and a key board member of AGOSR, describes it as “an alliance of all those invested in the open access movement who champion the idea that everybody should have a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to shaping the future of open access. Through its open access platform, AGOSR also provides a free platform that showcases a wide range of vetted open access research from all over the world, further touting AGOSR’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility and diversity.”

Researchers can benefit tremendously by integrating their open access research into the AGOSR platform. As open access research can be freely shared and disseminated worldwide, it stands to benefit from increased discoverability and citation rates while promoting ethical and diverse open access research through AGOSR’s platform. All vetted and ethically sound open access research is available for inclusion within the AGOSR open access platform. AGOSR will become a consolidated platform where researchers seeking open resources can find the latest research discoveries to aid in their research projects, professional development, courses and supplemental reading materials, and more. In addition, the AGOSR open access platform is a no-cost resource that researchers can access through their institution by collaborating with librarians to integrate the content into the library’s holdings. Researchers are also encouraged to share the news of this alliance with publishers they have collaborated with that may also wish to connect with AGOSR, resulting in more open access content becoming available through the platform.