Academic booksellers select VitalSource for e-textbooks

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Blackwell’s, a bookseller that provides academic, professional and educational materials in the UK, has chosen Ingram’s VitalSource to launch e-textbook solutions. The solution has also been chosen by South African bookseller Van Schaik.

The VitalSource reseller solution provides tools to sell and deliver e-textbooks to customers. Students will obtain their content through the VitalSource e-textbook platform, but content contracts, orders, and financial management remain in the control of the bookseller.

Blackwell’s e-textbook offering is expected to launch in May, 2012. 'Our network of campus and online bookshops has always prided itself on ensuring that the right book is in the right place at the right time,' commented David Prescott, managing director, Blackwell’s Bookshop and Online. 'The education community is now looking to us to provide innovation in the digital age, and with the VitalSource platform, we have the resources to deliver a variety of comprehensive e-textbook offerings to the students and institutions we serve.'

According to Stephan Erasmus, managing director of Van Schaik Bookstores: 'We believe that e-textbooks are a growing and important part of the future of education, and working with a leader like Vital Source, we have the resources to enhance learning throughout Africa and meet the digital needs of the academic community today and into the future.'