open access

Self-archiving should be mandatory

Stevan Harnad of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and the University of Southampton, UK is considered by many to have been one of the founders of the open-access movement. He believes that self-archiving in institutional repositories is the answer to providing access.

Academics have access anyway

Michael Mabe has been Elsevier's director of academic relations for the past seven years, although he has just left to become CEO of the International STM Association. The views expressed here are from his own industry experience.

Interactive peer review enhances journal quality

In all the talk of journals pricing and reducing the turnaround of the peer review process, the issue of quality can get overlooked. Ulrich Pöschl describes an open-access journal that is seeking to redress the balance

Will learned societies signal the change?

Reforming science publishing will affect more than just the dissemination of science: it could catalyse more fundamental changes. The learned societies might be best placed to shape the outcome, suggests Vanessa Spedding


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