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Is there a library-sized hole in the internet?

David Weinberger is senior researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and has been instrumental in the development of ideas about the impact of the web. Shortly before his recent keynote presentation at OCLC's EMEA Regional Council Meeting in Florence, he spoke with Sarah Bartlett

Enhanced connections

The last few months has seen a range of events in the world of scholarly publishing. Here, we catch up with some of the key discussions

Open Data Spotlight for researchers

Digital Science recently hosted the first in a series of Open Data Spotlight events. Here, we find out what open data means for researchers. By Nicko Goncharoff, director of publisher relations and head of knowledge discovery

EuropeanaTech 2015: Review

In February, professionals from the cultural heritage and tech communities gathered in Paris at the National Library of France for this year's EuropeanaTech conference. Imogen Greenhalgh and Gregory Markus report

Still a long way to go for OA?

Lorraine Estelle, executive director for digital resources and divisional CEO of Jisc Collections, considers the costs associated with the spread of open access


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