October/November 2011

A decade of innovation

As we celebrate 10 years of Research Information, here's a look back at a few of the many things experts have told us over our early years (all details of products, companies and people are described as they were at the time of original publication in Research Information)

Collaboration drives research innovation

Science has traditionally relied on the sharing of knowledge and ideas, but now collaboration across borders and disciplines is building a new foundation for accelerating scientific discovery, writes Elsevier's Rafael Sidi

The problem with measuring Twitter

With social media finding its way into every aspect of our lives, it is becoming increasingly interesting to find what it says about the value of research. It's not a simple process, however, as David Stuart reveals

Licensing in an online world

Copyright is a complex topic and has become more complex in a digital world. Christopher Kenneally of Copyright Clearance Center considers ways that authors and publishers can communicate and protect their rights

Making knowledge accessible

Libraries have been around for a long time but technology has changed how we access them. Friedel Grant of The European Library looks at some of the things on offer from digital libraries and what the future will hold

A place for everything?

While the last decade has seen researchers warm to open-access digital repositories, whole-hearted adoption is some way off yet, reports Rebecca Pool

Store for safekeeping

The path to digital preservation has been peppered with problems, but progress has been rapid, reports Rebecca Pool

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