June/July 2007

Is physics the new biomedicine?

A new set of physics and maths journals are planned for BioMed Central. Siân Harris finds out why this open-access publisher is branching out from biomedical sciences.

Taking on the Chinese publishing challenge

With its large population and growing economy, China is an attractive market but language and cultural differences present considerable challenges. Sarah Philip and Adrian Stanley of The Charlesworth Group offer advice about how publishers can make their mark in the country

Training increases HINARI and AGORA benefits

More than 100 publishers have opened up their online subscription journals to researchers in the world's poorest countries. But using information isn't easy if the users have no experience of such resources. Siân Harris finds out how training is helping

Solving archive challenges

How to preserve data as hardware and data formats evolve is a key concern for many organisations. In the first of two articles, Robert Sharp of Tessella looks at ways of ingesting, managing and storing digital information.

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