December 2010/January 2011

Experts give new slant on peer review

Sarah Greene has just been appointed editor-in-chief of Faculty of 1000 (F1000) as well as editor of The Scientist magazine. We ask her how post-publication peer review helps researchers guide scientists to the most important work

Reinventing reference

Putting reference titles online can take publishers a long way from the traditional concept of a book, as Tom Wilkie discovered when he spoke to Elsevier's Suzanne BeDell

Database versus search engine

Specialist databases yield results that are less easily found through Google, reveals research by energy-information database ETDEWEB

The start of an adventure

October saw the fourth global Open Access Week. Heather Joseph and Jennifer McLennan of SPARC report on some of the things going on around the world during the week

Pressure over prices

The proposed boycott of Nature Publishing Group by the University of California illustrates the plight of cash-strapped libraries worldwide. Rebecca Pool looks for an answer

The future of research in tough times

'Efficiency must not come at the cost of effectiveness' was the message coming out of the recent JISC research conference, write Matthew Dovey and Nicola Yeeles of JISC

The information battle

Publishers, libraries and researchers need to work together to address government access requirements, according to discussions at the annual ALPSP conference, writes Sian Harris

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