December 2009/January 2010

Marketing to readers

Jacek Ciesielski, general manager of Poland-based publisher Versita believes that article-level marketing helps attract good papers and boost journal impact factors

Information integration may not be enough

Integrating information in academic libraries is very important but some users don't know how to find this information in the first place. Credo Reference is taking on the challenge of enticing users to their libraries' resources, writes John Dove

We need to convince the taxpayer

Science communication should go beyond peer-reviewed journals and conferences if the public are to engage with scientific developments, argues Jonathon Rees

Untangling digital rights

The possibilities that networked electronic resources offer to researchers are extensive but do they know what they are allowed to do with the content available to them? Siân Harris and John Murphy ask about the challenges of licensing and rights management

Industry tackles polarisation in access debate

At the ALPSP annual conference in September Fred Dylla of American Institute of Physics revealed how a new group from across the industry is seeking to find common ground in the open access stand-off, writes Siân Harris

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