August/September 2010

Working together to discover information

Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform is now 10 years old. We ask Rafael Sidi, the company's VP of product development, how things have changed over that time and what the future holds

Riding the wave helps platform development

MetaPress has recently launched a beta version of a new content management and hosting system, Mozaic. To help share ideas about this major project, the company's R&D team turned to Google Wave but since this article was first published Google announced it will stop this tool. Jeff Stewart describes the benefits of using Google Wave in development and invites readers to discuss the impacts of Google's new decision

East meets West as research grows

In the first of a two-part look at publishing in China, Siân Harris asks people involved in research and in supplying research content in China about the challenges for finding out and communicating research results

Librarians and researchers network online

It is still early days for librarians networking with users online, but there are plenty of potential benefits if librarians and their organisations get it right, writes David Stuart

Digging into data in new ways

New large-scale data analysis techniques of many different types of data sets can give researchers new insight, writes Alastair Dunning

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