April/May 2012

Digital preservation matters

Vicky Reich, director of the LOCKSS programme at Stanford University Libraries, and Randy Kiefer, executive director of the CLOCKSS archive, explain why preserving digital content is a challenge that needs to be tackled, especially as this content becomes more dynamic

Tool delves into journal experimental details

A Dublin-based startup has developed a way of extracting insight into laboratory instruments and materials from the experimental sections of journal articles. As Scrazzl launches its first products Sian Harris finds out more

Physical sciences need 'collective conversation'

From astrophysics to nanoscience, a series of case studies casts an investigative lens over changing information practices in the physical sciences. Ellen Collins and Joe McEntee examine the key findings of the studies for publishers, librarians, funding agencies and scientists

Unpacking books

E-books have matured but questions remain about digital rights, access models and what a scholarly e-book really means today. Interviews by Sian Harris

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