Olympia calling for London Book Fair

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The London Book Fair will take place at London's Olympia from 14 to 16 April, with a packed programme of events in the academic STM and professional publishing theatre

Last year, nearly a quarter of visitors to The London Book Fair (LBF) were interested in academic, STM and professional publishing. 

For 2015, this area of the Fair will be located on the ground floor in the National Hall in LBF’s new venue at Olympia, London, with its own theatre, The Faculty@LBF, featuring seminars and discussions covering academic, STM and professional themes, curated by The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP).  LBF’s Insights Seminar Programme, its programme of wide-ranging seminars across the three days of the event, will also include The Scholarly Stream, sponsored by the Copyright Clearance Centre. 

Here, we highlight some of the events.

Tuesday 14 April, 11.30-12.30
What is a publisher now? Academic trends to watch

As scholarly publishing enters the mature phase of its relationship with digital technologies and open access increasingly becomes the ’new normal’, what fresh challenges can the sector expect in 2015 and beyond? Whether it’s experimenting with more porous forms of paywalls, broadening the scope of site licences or expanding into fast emerging markets like South Africa and Mexico, academic publishing rarely sits still and is always on the cusp of innovation.  Publishing Technology CEO Michael Cairns and a prestigious panel of academic publishing experts explore the important, game-changing industry themes in depth.

Wednesday 15 April, 10.00-11.00
The Scholarly Communication Chain: Linking Publishers, Librarians and Researchers

Before publishers can devise any editorial, marketing, pricing or content delivery strategies, they need useful market intelligence. Content products are often designed around a wealth of data to suit authors, economic conditions, library purchasing habits, legacy business practices or technological limitations.  But few information providers directly seek input from their most important constituents – their end users. Drawing on insights gathered from a recent survey Publishers Communication Group (PCG) conducted to better understand how publishers, librarians, researchers and faculty staff converse, this session will provide a much-needed refresher course on the solicitation and practical application of customer feedback.

Thursday 16 April, 10.00-11.00
The Copyright Conundrum

Publishing today confronts a paradox: the digital revolution has transformed the act of copying from complicated to commonplace; yet authors and publishers must rely upon copyright – essentially, control over copy-making and distribution of their works – as the essential basis for conducting business.

An industry built upon creativity, inspiration and innovation now stands accused of holding to outmoded models purely for survival’s sake. Is there any way out of the ‘copyright conundrum?’.

Copyright Clearance Center’s Victoriano Colodrón will argue that a strong defence of copyright is not for the protection of the past but , more importantly, is the only proven way to deliver innovation and discoveries in the future.

Global Education Conference - What Works?

On Thursday 16 April, Olympia Conference Centre, the third edition of What Works? Successful Education Policies, Resources and Technologies education conference takes place, featuring speakers from the World Bank, Hodder Education, Samsung and Ukie.

Top-level policy makers from major international organisations around the world debate and share their knowledge on how technology, policy and content may be most effectively applied to raise educational standards.  What Works? is curated by the International Publishers Association (IPA) in association with The PA.    

For more information on the programme, and booking information, visit www.londonbookfair.co.uk/whatworks

New for 2015 – The Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum

As well as the seminar programme, LBF, ALPSP and The Publishers Association (The PA) will launch a brand new Scholarly and Research forum at LBF – The Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum, a half day programme of four individual sessions facilitated by Toby Green, head of publishing, OECD, and Alicia Wise, director of access and policy at Elsevier.   

The Forum will take place on Wednesday 15 April (morning) and is sponsored by Publishers Communication Group, a division of Publishing Technology.  It will provide an opportunity for speakers from across the globe to provide an overview to help navigate the fundamental changes currently taking place in academic and scholarly publishing, and a forum for international publishers to learn from each other, improve business, and develop new models and markets. 

Audrey McCulloch, chief executive of ALPSP, said: ‘If you work in scholarly or research publishing, now, more than ever, connecting with international peers is essential for staying up-to-date with the latest global trends. Access all Areas will help you do this and we are delighted to be involved in this new initiative with LBF and The Publishers Association.’

For more information on the programme, and booking information, visit www.londonbookfair.co.uk/researchandscholarly