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For a single publication or an entire digital library - Scitation provides an online presence second to none

The American Institute of Physics was founded in the 1930s to provide publishing services to scientific societies. With the advent of the Web, AIP found it a natural fit to add online journal hosting to its suite of client services. Today, the platform that AIP built offers intelligent, cost-effective solutions at all stages of the publishing process.

Among the many science and engineering organisations that take advantage of the Scitation hosting services are the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Electrochemical Society (ECS), and SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. ASCE now has a suite of electronic products that includes online journals and pre-paid article bundles. ECS gained valuable linking features and e-First publication, which allows individual articles to be posted online weeks before they appear in print. And SPIE has its own branded digital library, which offers consolidated subscription and pay-per-view access, site licenses, and more.

Full functionality

Scitation brings full functionality to its clients' online publications in a number of ways. It allows them to present tables of contents in both HTML and PDF formats, and make HTML-formatted abstracts available for free browsing. Scitation also has a sophisticated search engine that goes well beyond basic Boolean search methods, incorporating advanced knowledge retrieval capabilities.

Scitation's high-quality authentication and access control software guarantees each publisher a safe and secure online environment. Experienced staff will administer user authentication, access rights, userIDs, and IP addresses, plus e-mail notification to new subscribers. Scitation also verifies ownership of IP addresses to ensure compliance with publishers' licensing terms.

AIP is also involved in a number of industry-wide initiatives, such as the STIX Fonts project, CrossRef, and Project COUNTER. Thanks to the Scitation Usage Report Service, virtually all the publishers on Scitation are now fully COUNTER-compliant.

AIP and its biggest customer, the American Physical Society, also participate in the CrossRef Search Pilot. The project, currently encompassing full text articles from more than 40 leading journal publishers, allows users of AIP and APS journals to freely search the content of more than 3,000 scientific journals.


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