ConTech Pharma 2023, Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London Heathrow

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08 June 2023

ConTech Pharma 2023 will be a 1-day hybrid event, taking place both online and at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London Heathrow.

It will showcase the very latest thinking and help organisations to understand how these changes will affect them.

ConTech Pharma 2023 is excited to announce three main themes for the conference: 

  1. A virtuous circle – from real world data – via pre-clinical data - to analytics – and back to treatments in the clinic (inc manufacturing)

  2. Aligning the semantics across clinical and pre-clinical applications

  3. IDMP – Standards – knowledge sharing ahead of standards coming in to operation 

Participants include the pharma and digital healthcare content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science, the data science visionaries who are building new content tools and those who understand how to start applying data science to their work. 

If you are a publisher, content strategist or curator, R & D scientist, pharma or digital healthcare professional and this resonates it’s time to get involved with this event, whether it’s as a speaker or delegate.