ConTech 2018

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29 November 2018 to 30 November 2018

Every organisation creating and managing content collects mountains of data on its users and content – some valuable, some not. Using techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning and visualisation, data science helps distinguish between the two – telling the story behind the data, predicting what will happen in the future, and honing in on user needs in ways that would have been impossible before. Data science also has the potential to automate and speed up many publishing tasks like taxonomy building, making your content smarter.

At ConTech 2018 you’ll learn how this new generation of technology is impacting the world of content. Hear from the content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science, the data science visionaries who are building new content tools, and understand how you can start applying data science to your own work – whether you are a publisher, content strategist or managing content for your organisation.  
From large content systems to small boutique publishing operations, data science has the potential not only to transform your understanding of your audience, but also the way you create and manage your content, making it more relevant and agile.  

Join us at the only conference where the worlds of content and data science meet –  ConTech 2018.