Open Athens

Access Lab 2021

Access Lab is the place where librarians, publishers and library users discuss challenges and solutions around discovery and access to digital content and services.

This year’s conference theme ‘Thriving in the (un)unsual. Creativity. Agility. Pace’ reflects the challenges of the past year and what we need to do to move forward.


The meaning of open

David Stuart investigates the concept of open research, and what it means to the scholarly community

OpenAthens launches new identity

Single sign-on provider OpenAthens has launched a new user-centred identity, intended to embody the software providers’ mission to make access to knowledge easy for its customers and end users.

All about the user

The concept of ‘user-centred by design’ will be centre-stage at the OpenAthens 2019 conference

When bad user design becomes a barrier to content

OpenAthens studies student’s behaviour to improve our single sign-on products. We would like to share some of the findings with university presses and other publishers that provide digital content to the education and research sector. Our research into university students’ journey in the UK and the US can help publishers provide more relevant, flexible and timely content. 


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