In appreciation of APE

Tim Gillett travelled to the APE conference in Berlin earlier this year. Here, he spells out why it’s a must for those involved in academic publishing

APE 2020

Participants are: academic, educational, scientific, technological, medical, legal and professional publishers, university presses, researchers, authors, editors, librarians, teachers, learned and professional societies and associations, funding agencies, politicians and policy makers, subscription agencies and booksellers, recruiting agencies and technology providers.

Linking communities

'Flying Dutchman’ Arnoud de Kemp, who turns 75 this year, reflects on a distinguished career in publishing

Ramping up relevance in Berlin

The city of Berlin will once again play host to the APE conference in January, with the tagline: Publishing 2020: Ramping up Relevance.
The APE conferences are aimed at providing a better understanding of scholarly communication and the role of information in science, education and society. They encourage the debate about the future of value-added scientific publishing, information dissemination and access to scientific results, and offer an independent forum for ‘open minds’.

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