Analysis & opinion

27 January 2017

When it comes to fake news, nobody is talking about the importance of copyright, writes Roy Kaufman

17 January 2017

Emil Eifrem looks at how researchers can generate insights from vast datasets with the fast-emerging SQL alternative

03 January 2017

Recently, it transpired that 20 per cent of academic papers on gene research that are based on data collated in Excel spreadsheets have errors, writes Joe Galletta

13 December 2016

Broken pact in scholarly communication motivates shifting locus of control, writes Daniel Berze

24 November 2016

European and North American countries should pay attention to the development of libraries in Arab countries, writes Rafael Ball

24 November 2016

October saw the launch of ARM Education Media, a subscription-based digital content hub offering education kits. Khaled Benkrid tells us more

21 November 2016

Eastern Europe is turning into a technological hub, and academic publishing in Bulgaria and the region is no exception, writes Iliyana Kuzmova

04 November 2016

Chris Brown asks whether the environments in which we conduct our research are up-to-scratch

02 November 2016

The issue of female representation in STEM occupations has been a hot topic in recent years, writes Katherine Single

12 October 2016

There are a growing number of new tools and services available to support academics throughout the research cycle. Here, Emily Marchant from Cambridge University Press speaks to Matias Piipari, the founder of an online writing tool called Manuscripts, which is designed specifically for the authoring of academic texts

23 September 2016

Interactive scholarly publishing systems need to do much more than just look pretty, argues Ian Curson

22 September 2016

The role of the librarian in India is transforming. Shafina Segon and Nicola Bacon describe two initiatives to change technology and research methodology in academia



Open access looks set to shake up the humanities and social sciences book landscape for the better, reports Rebecca Pool


Nigel Lee, CEO at Glasstree Academic Publishing, describes how he wants to transform scholarly communications