Analysis & opinion

17 August 2017

What opportunities might we be missing by trying to make one size fit all?, asks Audrey McCulloch

17 August 2017

From email to chat rooms to social networks, online collaboration has evolved rapidly over the years – as have users, writes Kent Anderson

09 August 2017

Jez Cope and Angela Davies describe a research sharing initiative in the north of England

19 July 2017

A global shift in priorities affects how publishers must think about the structure of academic research, says Martin Szomszor

19 July 2017

Anton Yuryev outlines some of the needs of researchers in the 21st Century

19 July 2017

Siân Harris reports from the recent INASP Publishers for Development conference

18 July 2017

Heather Staines describes the work of Hypothesis, which promotes annotation capability across the web

18 July 2017

Group's intention is to research, discuss and advise on how journal publishers' activities can be measured, writes Phill Jones

05 July 2017

Across the world, everyone wants to measure returns on the investments that they make, writes Tasha Mellins-Cohen

04 July 2017

Audrey McCulloch asks: what would persuade 10 membership organisations to set aside their own agendas and gather together for discussion and collaboration?

26 May 2017

Humphrey Kombe Keah is an information management and digital services specialist at the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. He discusses the opportunities and challenges of information access in Kenya for agricultural science and national development.

16 May 2017

Generation Z is now – and publishers and technology providers must deliver new products faster, writes Anne Stone


Analysis and opinion

Rebecca Pool asks: was 2017 the year that scholarly publishing let in open peer review?


London’s Business Design Centre was the venue for Research Information’s inaugural event, Challenges in the Scholarly Publishing Cycle