Contech 2018 Insights

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A new generation of intelligent technology is transforming publishing and the world of digital content. Driven by data science and artificial intelligence, new tools are making publishers and content providers smarter, faster and more attuned to the needs of their users.

Those who attend ConTech 2018 will get to grips with these technologies that are already revolutionising the world of content creation and consumption.

SciencePOD’s CEO Sabine Louet asks what do AI and NLP have to do with content creation automation?

AI, NLP and blockchains are buzzwords that seem to pervade every conference programme related to content. The reality is that the science publishing industry has been rather slow in adopting these technologies in their existing editorial processes. In this presentation Sabine will share her journey on the path to automating the complex editorial processes that are required to create quality content, such as the creation of news stories explaining the meaning of research papers in simple language, using AI and NPL.

We asked Sabine if she could offer one piece of advice to ConTech delegates what would it be?

“Keep your eyes and ears wide open, AI, NLP and NLG algorithms are already here to help and be aware of their advantages and limitations.”

Deep SEARCH 9’s managing partner Klaus Kater will introduce a set of comprehensive tools used by data scientists from some of the world’s leading corporations that enable them to work collaboratively on projects and automate business intelligence and information analysis. To push automatic content classification further DS9 has merged semantic technologies used for concept recognition and machine learning used for content classification into a powerful Hybrid Semantic AI.

ConTech 2018 is an event for content people - from publishers to content and information managers who want to understand how data-driven content will impact their organisations, operations and the content they create, deliver and consume. The final version of the programme can be viewed here.

Confirmed delegates include content and information professionals from around the world. Content heads, strategists and managers. CTOs, systems architects, data scientists and platform technologists. Publishers, senior librarians, information and engagement specialists. Founders, business leaders, comms and marketing experts are all represented. Check the full list here.

ConTech 2018 takes place at Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London from 29th to 30th November.