Analysis & opinion

13 December 2007

As the race to place the UK's library catalogues online gathers momentum, several hurdles could slow progress reports Rebecca Pool

19 November 2007

A new study from OCLC reveals that just 13 per cent of the public feels it is the role of the library to create a social networking site for their communities, writes Siân Harris

15 October 2007

Can e-books make their mark in research libraries? Rebecca Pool finds out the predictions of a new study

07 September 2007

Tensions between advocates and opponents of open access increase with the launch of a new partnership that is aimed at protecting the integrity of scientific research, reports Nadya Anscombe

11 August 2007

Scientific publishers worldwide have refused to publish papers written in Word 2007. Rebecca Pool investigates

03 July 2007

E-books are becoming important parts of many publishers' plans but librarians and users are confused about how to buy them, according to a new survey. Nadya Anscombe reports

12 June 2007

A new code of practice promises to ease journal transfer for librarians, reports Rebecca Pool

14 May 2007

Librarians in Latin America are increasingly turning to digital resources, according to a new report from Accucoms. Nadya Anscombe investigates

05 April 2007

Across the world publishers and search engines have resorted to court cases to resolve disputes over how content is used. Siân Harris investigates a new project that hopes to solve this problem

06 March 2007

The UK's Research Information Network (RIN) has got representative organisations in the UK to agree on major public policy goals for the scholarly communications process. Nadya Anscombe finds how more

20 February 2007

The European Commission has revealed how it intends to help increase and improve access to and dissemination of scientific information.

30 January 2007

Information professionals are satisfied to offer their researchers anything that has been peer-reviewed, according to a recent study.