Analysis & opinion

Taijrani Rampersaud-Skorka

09 January 2024

Taijrani Rampersaud-Skorka explains how the position at Springer Nature enabled her to share her challenges and learn about the publishing world first-hand

12 December 2023

AI increases both the risk of deliberate metric manipulation as well as the overall noise in the scholarly publishing system, writes David Stuart

11 December 2023

Andrea Chiarelli explains how identifiers, metadata and shared infrastructures bolster research integrity

01 November 2023

Monica Moniz explains how an innovative ‘question-led’ journal series can address issues of demoralisation among academic authors, as well as advancing knowledge

30 October 2023

Anna Hughes advises UKRI-funded researchers on how to prepare their work in 10 simple steps

11 October 2023

Simon Linacre outlines the changing dynamics of pharmaceutical research between Global North and Global South and the implications for scholarly communications

04 October 2023

Chris Graf outlines three challenges for future research publishers to ease the pressure on reviewers

Stephanie Dawson

29 August 2023

Stephanie Dawson argues the case for organisations to upgrade to open science

Damian Pattinson and Emily Packer

25 August 2023

As preprints shake up the science publishing landscape, Damian Pattinson and Emily Packer reflect on efforts to embrace new models of review and curation

Emily Choynowski

24 August 2023

Emily Choynowski outlines the progress of the open research movement in the Middle East and North Africa

Joanna Ball, Yvonne Campfens, and Tasha Mellins-Cohen

24 August 2023

Joanna Ball, Yvonne Campfens and Tasha Mellins-Cohen underline the importance of non-profit infrastructure and standards bodies

21 August 2023

Artificial intelligence is the future for all industries – including scholarly publishing, writes Darrell Gunter