Analysis & opinion

12 November 2009

Simon Hodson, e-Research programme manager at JISC in the UK, examines how technology and funding policies have changed the ways that researchers share data

09 September 2009

Sian Harris finds out about a new social network to help physicists work together and share information

21 July 2009

The journal Cell is leading a push to redefine how peer-reviewed articles are accessed and used online. Sian Harris spoke to Emilie Marcus, editor in chief of Cell Press, to find out why

25 June 2009

There has been an important shift in how students interact with and shape the world of scholarly communication with the release of a statement calling for broader access to scholarly knowledge, writes Nick Shockey

12 June 2009

Research released in May suggests that universities and colleges are falling behind their students in the use of new technologies. Malcolm Read, executive secretary of JISC, explains what this research means for the future of higher education

18 May 2009

Three international programmes aimed at giving free or low-cost information access to researchers in the world's poorest countries have seen impressive growth in their numbers of registered institutions

19 February 2009

BioMed Central's Journal of Biology hopes to end 'peer review nightmare', writes Rebecca Pool

27 January 2009

A new report reveals that research institutions could make dramatic cost savings if they followed an open-access, rather than subscription, publishing route, writes Sian Harris

15 January 2009

What is the cost and who pays for scholarly communication? The answers could come as a surprise, writes Rebecca Pool

18 December 2008

Going to a conference can involve lengthy negotiations about budgets, flight details, accommodation and work schedules. But it doesn't always have to be like that. Sian Harris finds out about new moves to bring more of the benefits of research meetings online

20 November 2008

A recent survey tracking publisher behaviour reveals that businesses are launching more journals, have relaxed copyright policies and are unsure of the latest internet technologies, writes Rebecca Pool

14 October 2008

Siân Harris spoke to some of the people behind the new Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association