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Hot topics in science, engineering and technology

2 December 2014

Webcast Lead Image This webcast will focus on some hot topics in science engineering and technology. Indexed Content Specialist, Dr Christopher Marker, will discuss Inspec, the indexing database of scientific and technical literature, published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and the depth of its extensive coverage within physics, computing and engineering. Dr Marker will begin with the Rosetta mission to land on and study the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet. Given recent solar flare events, he will comment on space weather and its possible effects on the Earth, before moving on to the interrelated technologies of big data, semantic web, ubiquitous computing and data visualisation. Finally, he will look at some great physics ‘mistakes’, and ask if any result in physics is really a mistake?

The future of knowledge management systems

6 October 2014

The demand for quality, discoverable, accessible and actionable content is coming up against the established ways in which that content is delivered to end users. Solutions for open access and the monetisation of information have wide-ranging implications for researchers and engineers. This webcast addresses the context of knowledge management systems and explores the ways in which applications like Knovel are bridging the gap between content and consumers. Research Information’s Tom Wilkie introduces the wider issue, before Unilever’s Kathey Towler and David Younghusband chart the company’s move from offering a physical service to offering a global virtual service – a move requiring a quality technical information resource. Lastly, Knovel’s Diana Bittern discusses the challenges and opportunities brought about by the information revolution. This webcast is essential for researchers, librarians, information professionals, or anyone who wants to gain insight into the future of knowledge management systems.

Measuring Impact with Altmetrics

4 October 2013

Altmetrics is a major buzz word at the moment and many publishers and others are experimenting with adding additional impact information to their papers. This webcast is a rare opportunity to hear founders of three key altmetrics start ups - Impact Story, Altmetric and Plum Analytics - talk about how they assess impact, what altmetrics mean and what they have observed so far. This webcast will be of interest to researchers, librarians, publishers and others who are either new to altmetrics or want to gain a deeper insight into the potential opportunities and challenges.

Speakers and presentations include: Sian Harris, Editor, Research Information; Heather Piwowar, Co-founder, ImpactStory, 'Empowering scholars through #altmetrics'; Euan Adie, Founder, Altmetric, 'A toolmaker’s perspective'; Andrea Michalek, Co-founder, Plum Analytics, 'The Plum Analytics Approach'.