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Opportunities for innovation

Opportunities for innovation

Matthew Cockerill co-founded BioMed Central and was its managing director until the end of 2013. He is currently working on an unannounced internet startup


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Gold trading: the RSC's Gold for Gold model

15 April 2014
In discussions about gold open access and the risk of paying twice, The Royal Society of Chemistry's approach is often mentioned. Max Epsley and Serin Dabb explain how it works

Evidence provides more options for e-book acquisition

7 April 2014
Carolyn Alderson of Jisc Collections looks at some approaches to acquiring e-books


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The path to integration

Last May, ProQuest bought e-book aggregator EBL. Sian Harris finds out about the company's plans to bring this and other businesses more closely together


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STM Innovations Seminar USA

Washington DC, USA
29 April 2014

STM Annual U.S. Spring Conference 2014

Washington DC, USA
29 April-1 May 2014

STM Innovations Seminar U.S. 2014

Washington DC, USA
29 April 2014

Ebooks 2014: Beyond the Ebook

London, UK
8 May 2014

CASRAI Europe ReConnect14

Rome, Italy
16 May 2014

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