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Data sharing

Librarians should embrace linked data

Data sharing in libraries doesn't have to be daunting for librarians, writes David Stuart

Analysis and news

Conference debates publishing concepts

Mark Carden casts a critical eye over some of the industry hot topics discussed at the Academic Publishing in Europe conference

Analysis and news

Wellcome releases details of APC spend

The Wellcome Trust has shared details of the money it paid for article processing charges in 2012-13. Sian Harris takes a look at the data

Data management

Better management reduces data loss risk

The impact of data loss can be staggering for research. Nathan Westgarth argues the case for better data management


Experimenting with e-books

E-books have been around for a while now but publishers are still experimenting with different formats, interactive content, open access and business models, writes Nadya Anscombe

E-book aggregators

Aggregators increase options for libraries and publishers

Sian Harris looks at the role of e-book aggregators in providing access to scholarly e-book content


Opportunities for innovation

Matthew Cockerill co-founded BioMed Central and was its managing director until the end of 2013. He is currently working on an unannounced internet startup