29 March 2017

So close, and yet so far. Is that how many documents seem to you? Getting what you want – when, where, and how you want it – can be a real pain. That’s why we created a concise guide to getting around the obstacles that stand between you and the information your organization needs.

30 November 2016

This November, 120 information professionals attended the inaugural OpenAthens Customer Conference to discuss the key issues facing libraries, publishers, and technolo

21 November 2016

Peer. Review. Two simple words, but join them up and you have one of the most crucial and heavily discussed areas of the journal publishing world.

17 October 2016

Publishers and editors want evidence and the ability to test assumptions when making strategic decisions about the direction of a journal or programme. Data visualisation delivers faster, deeper insights and better answers to questions about the health of a journal programme.

28 September 2016

Publishers are natural content marketers—while other industries must generate new content to be successful “content marketers,” publishers already have a treasure trove of it and create more every day. 

But scholarly and professional publishers have traditionally seen themselves as content curators and nurturers, not content marketers. Much of their staff were—or still are—scholars and professionals in their respective fields, after all.