NOW mobile solution

Muse Global and Infor Library and Information Solutions are working together to offer libraries a custom mobile search platform. Infor Library and Information Solutions will offer MuseGlobal’s mobile search interface within the NOW mobile solution, providing mobile access to a library’s catalog and subscription databases.

'With MuseGlobal’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in search, and federated search in particular, we are now able to provide mobile access to a library of diverse resources including the catalog and subscription databases. We are excited about working with Muse in taking our mobile application to the next level,' said Ann Melaerts, managing director Infor Library and Information Solutions.

The Muse mobile search platform is described as entirely cloud-based and it uses standard protocols such as SIP2 and Z39.50. Through Muse, library users can search a library’s catalog or subscription databases and enjoy access to their accounts to place holds, renew items on loan, and more.

'Infor Library and Information Solutions is well known for their end-user oriented product focus in delivering innovative technology solutions that help libraries serve, interact with and empower users with customisable, on-demand information discovery tools,' said Kristina Bivins, MuseGlobal’s CEO. 'The NOW platform clearly reflects this commitment and we are delighted to collaborate with Infor Library and Information Solutions in extending the NOW platform’s offerings to bring together all of the library’s collections, third-party content, and custom services in one convenient mobile interface.'


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