Heritage Science and Sustainable Chemical Processes

Two new journals published by Chemistry Central – Heritage Science and Sustainable Chemical Processes – are now accepting submissions.

Heritage Science will publish work covering all aspects of research into objects of cultural and historical significance, including analytical and imaging methods, development of new treatment methods and materials, understanding of chemical and biological degradation processes, and statistical methods to aid our understanding of culturally significant objects.

The journal is supported by a diverse, international editorial board headed up by editor–in–chief Richard Brereton, and will publish its first articles this spring.

Sustainable Chemical Processes has a broad scope, covering all scientific and engineering aspects of sustainable approaches in chemistry. This includes, but is not limited to, green routes to isolation, purification and synthesis of compounds, all aspects of catalysis and biocatalysis that lead to sustainable processes, development of biofuels and other alternative sources of energy, and nanotechnology for sustainable processes.

In a guest blog post, editor–in–chief Munishwar Gupta introduces the journal and explains that this will be a forum that does not classify sustainable chemistry as a new 'exclusive club', but which welcomes any fresh ideas and innovations.


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