Non-US universities perform well in Knovel challenge

Knovel, the Elsevier-owned business that provides a web-based application to integrate technical information with analytical and search tools, has announced the winners of its seventh annual Knovel University Challenge.

Each year the Knovel University Challenge presents a series of questions on engineering-related topics, and students can use Knovel to research and find the answers. In 2012, the format of the contest changed to include new questions each week encouraging additional participation while also exposing users to new problems, tools and fresh content throughout the contest.

The grand prize winner was Patrick Heider, a chemical engineering PhD student from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A list of the 22 other prize recipients can be found at the Knovel University Challenge website.

'Knovel teaches you to search for engineering information,' said Heider. 'Rather than using a conventional search engine or delving into publications, often information can be more rapidly found using the specialised search features in Knovel.'

Five of the top 10 schools this year came from universities outside of the USA and Canada. The Middle East Technical University (METU), Istanbul Technical University, CETYS Universidad Campus Mexicali and National Cheng Kung University made their first debut on this list.

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