New web fonts show maths symbols properly on any computer

01 November 2007

A group of scientific publishers has released a beta test version of the STIX Fonts, which should enable mathematical and scientific symbols to be rendered correctly on any computer.

Yale and Microsoft partner on digitisation project

31 October 2007

Thousands of rare books from Yale University's Library will be available online thanks to a deal between Yale University and Microsoft.

UK researchers get extended access to ScienceDirect

31 October 2007

The UK's National e-Journals Initiative 2 (NESLi2) has signed a four-year licence for Elsevier's ScienceDirect.

New deal promotes engineering journals in Eastern Europe and Latin America

30 October 2007

Professional Engineering Publishing has signed an agreement with EMpact to promote its journals in parts of Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Publishing associations make rules for using orphan works

26 October 2007

Three trade associations have released a joint statement that sets out conditions for using copyright works where the owners of the material cannot be found.

US Senate approves mandate for access to NIH research

26 October 2007

The US Senate has approved a bill that directs the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to require rather than request that the researchers it funds make their results publicly available.

Missouri library group signs up with Thieme

25 October 2007

Thieme Publishing Group has signed an agreement with the Missouri Library Network Corporation.

SAGE partners with WALDO

25 October 2007

The Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization has signed an agreement for access to SAGE's online journals.

OCLC and OCLC PICA form single brand

25 October 2007

OCLC is uniting all offices under one name and visual brand identity. OCLC PICA is now known as OCLC.

Nature Publishing Group gets new MD

22 October 2007

Steven Inchcoombe is the new managing director of Nature Publishing Group (NPG). He succeeds Annette Thomas who was recently made CEO of Macmillan.

Publishers and funders agree on OA re-use rights

12 October 2007

The UK PubMed Central Publishers Panel has agreed a set of principles for the re-use of documents for which an open-access fee has been paid.

New England Journal of Medicine picks Manuscript Central

10 October 2007

The Massachusetts Medical Society has selected ScholarOne's Manuscript Central to be the online peer review system for its New England Journal of Medicine.