Kortext and Dawson Books collaborate

Digital textbook platform Kortext and Dawson Books have announced a partnership to help libraries and students change the way they discover, acquire, access and work with e-content.

For students using the Dawson product Dawsonera this partnership gives them the ability to download content from their library collections directly into the Kortext reading app for free, allowing them to use the library materials alongside their textbooks. They will also be able to access accessibility features from within the Kortext apps. Dawsonera users will also be able to access their Microsoft Office 365 account directly from within Kortext.

For libraries, Kortext and Dawson Books are collaborating on the development of library work-flow solutions aimed at making it easier for Dawsonenter users to discover and order Kortext digital textbook content.

Jane Johnson, executive director of library services at Dawson Books, said: 'This is a really exciting partnership demonstrating how Dawson Books is innovating in the library supply market. Our aim is to work with Kortext to improve students’ study experience and help libraries discover and acquire digital textbooks; providing greater value to our customers.'

Andy Alferovs, MD of Kortext, added: 'We are delighted to partner with Dawson Books to enable students easy access and use of their library content alongside their own digital textbooks and personalised learning content. This partnership will make it easier for universities, university libraries and students to acquire, access and benefit from digital textbooks and learning resources.'

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