04 August 2022

As offices have started to open up, Antonia Seymour talks about how not being bound by location means we need to re-think how we work.

05 July 2022

David Stuart writes: are new ways of measuring research are providing a more realistic picture of scholarly communication? 

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04 July 2022

Siân Harris looks at what role cloud-based services play in libraries today, their benefits and limitations and what challenges remain

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19 May 2022

From rapid disease information to a way to promote and share regional knowledge in multiple languages, preprints have come into their own in recent years. Siân Harris finds out more

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20 April 2022

There is a continuing need for the sorts of insights and judgements that only a person can bring, writes David Stuart

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10 February 2022

More and more library publishers are sharing experiences to topple tradition, reports Rebecca Pool

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12 November 2021

While open science has gained from the pandemic many challenges remain, writes David Stuart

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29 September 2021

Eighteen months into the pandemic, Rebecca Pool asks: do libraries face an exclusively digital future?

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19 July 2021

Many say open access funding agreements will tip the balance of publishing output. But not everyone, reports Rebecca Pool

13 May 2021

The pandemic has provided a tantalising glimpse of the potential of open educational resources. Rebecca Pool asks: will they become our new normal?

10 March 2021

The last decade promised a revolution but high prices have stirred up a rebellion. Rebecca Pool asks: what's the way forward?

06 January 2021

Rebecca Pool asks: will coronavirus leave preprints and peer review inextricably entwined?