Licensing your Content

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Licensing content has rapidly become a key component of the academic publishing environment, but why is this needed and what are the practicalities? What are the key issues to be aware of and consider when negotiating a licence? This course will outline the development of licensing on various platforms including print and online (and mobile). It will also cover current issues around author licensing, open access and the use of Creative Commons licences, and will give delegates a full understanding of the growing range of licence arrangements that are now available for all content.


  • Copyright refresher
  • Overview of licensing structures and acquiring and exploiting rights
  • Ways to enter into licences
  • Types of licences and agreements, whether direct with customers or through a third party
  • Key issues with aggregators and other types of third-party vendors
  • Entering into appropriate licences directly with the customer
  • ‘Must-have’ clauses for the publisher and why you need them
  • Clauses the customer wants to see and issues arising
  • Current issues and trends including new technologies, ebooks and open access
  • Current legal developments and protecting and enforcing your rights in the online environment.
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