Analysis & opinion

12 October 2020

Research has long been a vital part of how we advance human knowledge to better understand our world and improve lives, writes Andrew Plume

Alenka Prinčič (left) and Frédérique Belliard

02 October 2020

Alenka Prinčič and Frédérique Belliard describe how they influenced the change from traditional academic publisher to innovative and community-driven university press at TU Delft

Jamie Hutchins

24 September 2020

The events of 2020 have created a turning point for everyone in our industry, writes Jamie Hutchins

23 September 2020

As OpenAthens celebrates its 25th anniversary, Jon Bentley discusses the organisation’s growth, industry changes and what to expect in the future

Paul Stokes

22 September 2020

Data is everywhere – but where does it come from, where is it being stored, and is it worth keeping? It is crucial to take stock, says Paul Stokes

Ros Pyne

16 September 2020

Ros Pyne explores findings from a collaborative white paper with COARD into the geographic reach of OA book scholarship

Oluchi Ojinamma Okere

12 August 2020

Oluchi Ojinamma Okere considers Nigerian academic libraries and their struggle for relevance

Martijn Roelandse

23 July 2020

It might be fair to say we have entered the era of irreproducible science, write Martijn Roelandse and Anita Bandrowski

Heather Staines

23 July 2020

The new non-profit Knowledge Futures Group offers institutions a valuable scholarly communications resource, writes Heather Staines

09 July 2020

A UK-based university librarian, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has spoken out about ‘gobsmacking’ prices for some ebooks

02 July 2020

Daniel Keirs considers open science from the perspective of a physics publisher, including some of the steps needed to accelerate progress

Matt McKay

01 July 2020

Papers related to the pandemic have been downloaded more than 150 million times, writes Matt McKay