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Taylor & Francis OnlineTaylor & Francis Online: creating a seamless research experience
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RightsLink for Open Access

RightsLink for Open AccessRightsLink for Open Access: Streamlining Author Fee Transactions
Copyright Clearance Center

Focus: Semantico

Focus: SemanticoWe are digital experts working for publishers, intermediaries, associations, institutions, and scholarly societies in the UK, Europe, and USA.

The Inspec database

The Inspec databaseIET Inspec - Making the Latest Engineering and Technology Research Data Accessible

CABI`s eBook programme - A flexible approach for libraries

CABI`s eBook programme - A flexible approach for librariesAre you building your eBook collection? Are you looking for flexibility in title selection? Our recently expanded eBooks programme now offers greater flexibility for libraries, ensuring you get the eBooks you require.

npj Genomic Medicine

Nature Publishing Group is partnering with the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research, King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, to publish NPJ Genomic Medicine
Nature Publishing Group

IET Inspec

IET InspecIET Inspec - The Premiere Source for Engineering and Technology Patent Research


RVPublisherRiver Valley Technologies, the UK-based typesetting company, says its new RVPublisher platform will cut production costs and turn around times in half for publishers
River Valley Technologies