Analysis & opinion

The changing landscape of scholarly communications

News image24 July 2015
Adapted from Scholarly Communications: A History from Content as King to Content as Kingmaker, by John J. Regazzi

The secretive world of biomedical research

News image6 July 2015
Vitek Tracz, chairman and founder of F1000, explains how the internet is being used to share new scientific research quickly and openly

Reading research papers in 'unprecedented depth'

News image29 June 2015
Eduard Hovy, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, is one of a team working on DARPA's Big Mechanism project. Prof Hovy is working with Anton Yuryev, a consultant with Elsevier R&D Solutions' professional services team, using Elsevier's natural language processing tools to develop automated 'deep-reading' technologies that support research into cancer drugs

What does impact really mean?

News image19 June 2015
Digital Science recently hosted a Research Impact Spotlight event, the second in our Spotlight series following on from our Open Data Spotlight in March, writes Jonathan Adams

ORCID pilot tests nuts and bolts of implementation in universities

News image17 June 2015
The unique identification of researchers has long been a challenge for those trying to manage and use research information effectively, making it difficult to link publications, data and other research activities to the right researcher, write Verena Weigert and Rob Johnson


Russia's 'untapped potential' for publishers carries risks

4 June 2015

An academic approach to sales and marketing in publishing

12 May 2015

The promise and limitations of technology to support end-users

1 May 2015

Masters in Librarianship: opening my mind to a whole new world

24 April 2015

Supporting universities to implement effective research data management

23 April 2015

A pragmatic approach to metadata and compliance with funder policies

13 April 2015

All hail the pop-up library

8 April 2015

Review: IPI-ConfEx 2015: Best Practices in Patent Information Management and Searching

25 March 2015

The copyright conundrum: do the critics have a case?

20 March 2015

Refining the brightest and best new ideas in research data management

16 March 2015

Four reasons to feel good about the future of peer review

10 March 2015

Open Data Spotlight for researchers

3 March 2015

Is there a library-sized hole in the internet?

23 February 2015

EuropeanaTech Conference 2015: Review

19 February 2015

Springer CEO Haank courts controversy with 'tea drinkers' speech

17 February 2015

Creating an archive just for a giggle

17 February 2015

What makes researchers willing to share their data?

22 January 2015

Aligning Europe's approaches to open access

8 January 2015

What price open access?

15 December 2014

Librarians 'prevalent' in use of social media

10 December 2014

Publishing better science through better data

27 November 2014

Counting the costs of open access for research organisations

26 November 2014

The RECODE project: enabling open access to research data

17 November 2014

Working together at the tipping point

14 November 2014

Unlocking the benefits of open data

7 November 2014

Navigating through complexity

4 November 2014

Re-re-thinking the integrated library system

3 November 2014

Starting a dialogue with Swedish publishers

30 October 2014

Meeting considers how open access could address inequalities

19 October 2014

Publishers could provide better support for early-career researchers

15 October 2014

Big data and education: the power of transformation

13 October 2014

Survey reveals researchers' views on monographs

2 October 2014

Swets Information Services B.V. is declared bankrupt

24 September 2014

Nature Communications moves to open access only

23 September 2014

Publisher's supercomputer assists in research process

16 September 2014

Partnership tackles shared data centre challenges for research

5 September 2014

Helping researchers create the future internet

26 August 2014

Journal hijackers target science and open access

11 August 2014

UK's OA policy influences research assessment

11 August 2014

Authors should prepare for post-publication review

23 July 2014

Extracting more information from scientific literature

21 July 2014

Debunking the MOOC myth

17 July 2014

Pilot project improves clinician access to research resources

18 June 2014

A question of stewardship

5 June 2014

Augmented reality could assist research methods

28 May 2014

Open access dominates discussions at London Book Fair

27 May 2014

Trends in scholarly publishing; transcript of London Book Fair presentation

16 May 2014

Helping researchers wade through the information flood

16 May 2014

Digital platform brings researchers and participants together

8 May 2014

New resource aims to provide quality insight into OA resources

24 April 2014

The impact of impact

24 April 2014

Gold trading: the RSC's Gold for Gold model

15 April 2014

Evidence provides more options for e-book acquisition

7 April 2014

Subscription agents host supply-chain discussions

28 March 2014

Visualising helps make sense of data

22 March 2014

Wellcome Trust releases details of APC spend

17 March 2014

Considering open access: talk from recent webinar

7 March 2014

Better management reduces data loss risk

6 March 2014

Meeting the research data management challenge

4 March 2014

Conference debates publishing concepts

28 February 2014

Debunking user experience myths

27 February 2014

Collaboration tool aims to streamline paper writing and editing

30 January 2014

Incentivising peer review

23 January 2014

Challenges are 'signs of success' for OA advocates

15 January 2014

Mining for data, the new raw material

13 January 2014

Tensions and consensus characterise OA reality

13 January 2014

Carving new roles in the library

9 December 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Frontiers responds to 'Beall's list' post

9 December 2013

New tool aims to help research managers with funding

18 November 2013

Studying social media enables real-time social research

11 November 2013

Author-pays OA is 'not fair and not sustainable'

25 October 2013

Ten trends in scholarly publishing

17 October 2013

Clear approaches help publishers deliver good OA experience

7 October 2013

Information literacy resists tight definition

6 October 2013

APCs add complexity to librarian role

26 September 2013

Dare to dream with data

19 September 2013

Initiative aims to help research reach further

5 September 2013

Connecting researchers with the cloud

27 August 2013

Publishers explore OA monograph models

15 August 2013

Workshop results in 'manifesto for mobile'

15 August 2013

Budget cuts mean uncertain future for Europeana

15 July 2013

OA monographs pose challenges for researchers and librarians

11 July 2013

Swets launches APC management service

10 July 2013

Data will play key role in libraries

8 July 2013

Keeping research in step with policy

1 July 2013

Publishers and libraries can work together to support research discovery

1 July 2013

Citation analysis points to genomics as the hottest topic in scientific research

18 June 2013

Submission requirement aims to boost social-media engagement

5 June 2013

Peer-review debate should include software

3 June 2013

Encouraging scholars to embrace data sharing

31 May 2013

Are 'predatory' publishers an American export?

16 May 2013

Designing researcher-centric library services

12 May 2013

Research suggests importance of elite journals is declining

29 April 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Librarian boosts university reputation ... on the quiz circuit

24 April 2013

Openness debate follows Mendeley acquisition

11 April 2013

Making discoveries at discovery meeting

20 March 2013

Dynamic data presents a world of possibilities

20 March 2013

Sunny start for Europeana Cloud

20 March 2013

Drive to gold increases need for APC management

7 March 2013

Tracking research across the fields

7 March 2013

Is cloud storage the answer to preservation?

14 February 2013

Information access is crucial for creating and supporting engineers

11 February 2013

Five trends for 2013

11 February 2013

The scholarly plumbers

21 January 2013

New ways to measure science?

18 January 2013

CASE STUDY: Introducing OA within your portfolio

15 January 2013

Good language is vital to research communication

14 January 2013

Research analytics: friend, foe and informant

7 January 2013

Preparing to serve the researcher of tomorrow

13 December 2012

Transforming library services with mobile technology

4 December 2012

Research into reading and library habits has lessons for publishers

4 December 2012

Project explores open-access books in the humanities and social sciences

26 November 2012

More publishers move towards CC-BY licence for OA articles

15 November 2012

Can big data benefit society?

15 November 2012

Academic and professional publishing - a science and an art

24 October 2012

A researcher by any other name?

23 October 2012

Platform helps healthcare collaboration

23 October 2012

Global standards help visually-impaired researchers

4 October 2012

E-books force rethink of processes

4 October 2012

Gender inequality continues in science and technology

4 October 2012

Project empowers open data in public administration

1 October 2012

Scholarly publishing: a journalist's perspective

17 September 2012

Considering the future scientific journal

10 September 2012

Report reveals impact of open access on libraries

4 September 2012

Guidelines needed to prevent impact-factor abuse

29 August 2012

THREE-QUESTION SPOTLIGHT: People make the publishing industry

22 August 2012

Librarians and publishers still have problems with e-books

20 August 2012

Mobility changes the way information is used

20 August 2012

Don't use the L-word

7 August 2012

Reaping all the rewards of research-led teaching

29 July 2012

Publishers must tackle digital author royalties

11 July 2012

Expanding developing-world access

9 July 2012

Dying languages get digital home

9 July 2012

Political-science research does not 'waste taxpayer dollars'

2 July 2012

UK should embrace OA but process is complex, says Finch report

20 June 2012

Data innovation helps librarians stay ahead of the game

19 June 2012

Weighing up gold and green

30 May 2012

Indifference or delegation?

16 May 2012

What about data?

16 May 2012

Three-Question Spotlight: Home gamer helps publishers

25 April 2012

Is this the end of the printed textbook?

23 April 2012

Text mining promises huge benefits but copyright law can limit its use

15 March 2012

Treaty provokes tensions over rights

13 March 2012

Focus group reveals reticence about move to digital

28 February 2012

Apple enters digital textbook market

10 February 2012

Partnership brings library customers to Mendeley

17 January 2012

The constant innovator

17 January 2012

Geospatial data gathering bears fruit

11 January 2012

Scholarly information - past, present and future

15 December 2011

Researchers can disrupt publishing

21 November 2011

Professional publishers concerned about data exception in UK's IP plans

19 October 2011

EU addresses orphan works and 'out-of-commerce' books and journals

18 October 2011

Evolution, revolution or something else?

22 September 2011

How do we incentivise data sharing?

21 September 2011

Reviewing peer review

10 August 2011

Is the crowd opening up or dumbing down research?

19 July 2011

Librarians need to persuade politicians across Europe

19 July 2011

Changing landscape poses challenges for supporting effective research

18 July 2011

Openness should 'go deep'

15 June 2011

Infrastructure supports access to data

17 May 2011

Research Information speaks on e-books for scholarly research

16 May 2011

Digitisation partners optimistic despite copyright issues

28 April 2011

Digitisation project connects history

20 April 2011

Information overload will prompt behaviour change

20 April 2011

Unstructured information presents new opportunities for libraries

5 April 2011

Physicists get video abstracts

17 March 2011

Financial challenges, digital opportunities

17 March 2011

Putting research data in the cloud

2 March 2011

Digitised resources widen access to hidden treasures

15 February 2011

Medical student association backs open access

19 January 2011

New platform is positive sign for research

12 January 2011

Research gives new role for the cloud

21 December 2010

Research Information talks about e-books at Online Information

3 December 2010

The future of research in tough times

29 October 2010

Sharing information between academia and business

3 September 2010

Openness inspires both research and teaching

20 August 2010

Google drops its Wave

20 August 2010

Making the case for innovation

14 July 2010

Digging into data in new ways

10 June 2010

Putting 'brainware' first

18 May 2010

Be part of the conversation

28 April 2010

Untangling Europe's digital rights

27 April 2010

Data preservation: to infinity and beyond

29 March 2010

Industry changes challenge traditional peer review

18 March 2010

Report helps universities present OA business case

18 March 2010

New grant supports open-access publishing in the Netherlands

15 February 2010

Is Citizen Science the future for researchers?

3 February 2010

Conference helps assess online usage

20 January 2010

Virtual resources support 'research on demand'

6 January 2010

Virtual filing for research

4 December 2009

Publishing is more than just information

4 December 2009

Data-sharing culture has changed

12 November 2009

Physicists get new research network

9 September 2009

Elsevier redefines online articles

21 July 2009

Students join access debate

25 June 2009

Can HE keep up with the Web 2.0 world?

12 June 2009

Research4Life programmes show dramatic growth

18 May 2009

Biology journal shortens peer-review process

19 February 2009

Open-access publishing brings cost savings

27 January 2009

Report reveals the true cost of communication

15 January 2009

Research conferences go virtual

18 December 2008

Journal launch rate continues to rise

20 November 2008

New association champions open-access publishing

14 October 2008

Publishers urged to do more to be green

9 October 2008

'Online journals reduce citation count'

5 August 2008

APA rethinks NIH policy after backlash from open-access community

17 July 2008

Libraries divided over preservation urgency

16 June 2008

Seal sets standards for open-access journals

19 May 2008

Copyright should be the same for digital media, say researchers

14 April 2008

Teamwork saves review time in neuroscience

6 March 2008

Academics back peer review but want improvements

7 February 2008

Project tackles metadata mess

15 January 2008

Libraries chase digital dream

13 December 2007

Users don't expect social networking from libraries

19 November 2007

Electronic books entice academic librarians

15 October 2007

Open access debate gets personal

7 September 2007

Scholarly publishers snub Microsoft

11 August 2007

E-book strategies confuse users

3 July 2007

Code tackles journal transfer problems

12 June 2007

Latin America provides new publishing opportunities

14 May 2007

Project resolves rights management issues

5 April 2007

Industry groups agree on fundamentals of scholarly communication

6 March 2007

EC outlines information-access plans

20 February 2007

Final versions carry little weight with librarians

30 January 2007