Industry Trends

New marketing VP for ProQuest

28 July 2015
Clay McDaniel has joined ProQuest as vice president for global marketing

Neuroscientist calls for 'single figure publication'

20 July 2015
A prominent neuroscientist has co-authored a paper urging scientists to adopt a new style of reporting that enables them to publish research faster and more succinctly

Mendeley report highlights Pluto mission research

15 July 2015
After nine years and three billion miles travelled, the NASAs New Horizons mission reached its objective at 12.49 BST on July 14, and made its closest approach to Pluto. A report developed by Mendeley celebrates this historic achievement

UK education divided in its adoption of the cloud

14 July 2015
Jisc has undertaken a study to look at where cloud can meet the needs of the education sector and if there is an appetite for it

Rolls-Royce joins Jisc HPC initiative

7 July 2015
Following the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills Dowling Review into the complexity of current business-university collaborations, Jisc has welcomed Rolls-Royce as the first company to join its high-performance computing agreement